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New Beginnings

Elena and I are back from our wedding in Italy and honeymoon in the US and Mexico. The Lord has been good to us by allowing us to experience His creation in the US. However, it is good to be back in London where it rains on the righteous, although my wife may not agree with that!

We would like to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers throughout our transition to husband and wife. Please continue to pray that we would grow and stay under the protection of His wings as we learn to see what life looks like when sharing life together in our new home.

We, the New City team, are readying ourselves for the arrival and integration of our new recruits in Gavin Jones and Elvis Le.

Gavin, an Englishman, was a local summer intern from last year and is continuing on as a year-long apprentice. Elvis, a Vietnamese-American, has flown out from the US to start his apprenticeship with us and so please pray that adapting to a new environment in Shepherd's Bush would be smooth and beneficial for him.

Upon this new season that we look forward to, there are new projects that are in place: small group bible studies, teens' night, and various other outreach events that God has set in our hearts. Please pray with us as we pursue these projects for the Lord, passionately seeking first the kingdom. Please also pray for protection over our hearts and an openness to correction if we are, in any way, leading ourselves rather than being led by God.

The new season is at the doorstep. We are very excited and anticipating great things from God this coming season.

Thank you to you all for continuing to walk with Elena and myself, partnering and interceding for us. We have never been able to, and still cannot, do what we do without your support.

Meet the Kortalians

We are Oong and Elena​

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