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Oong and Elena

Please find below information on how to contribute and support the church planting work that Oong and Elena are involved in through World Harvest Mission (UK).


In addition to details for sending cheques or setting up monthly direct deposits, please note our instructions regarding Gift Aid. Through the Gift Aid policy in the UK, your contribution can be topped up by an additional 25% at no additional cost to you.

Giving via online banking:

1. Bank Details:

Bank Name: Barclays

Account Name: World Harvest Mission (UK)

Account NO: 80467081

Sort Code: 20-73-53

IBAN: GB49 BARC 2073 5380 4670 81

Swift Code: BARCGB22

2. Please clearly make a reference designating to whom the contribution should be applied (e.g., Ref: Oong Lee)

3. If you are willing to commit to supporting Oong on a monthly basis, please specify to your bank accordingly 

4. Please also notify World Harvest Mission (UK) by e-mail ( concerning the details of the contribution (so that World Harvest UK might be on the lookout for it)


Giving by Cheque:

1. Make cheques payable to World Harvest Mission (UK)

2. Please clearly designate behind the cheque that you are

contributing to Oong Lee

3. Post contributions to:

World Harvest (UK),

79 Elm Drive,





Contacting World Harvest (UK):

Robert Heppe

World Harvest Mission (UK)

79 Elm Drive

Harrow HA2 7BY

Tel: 0784 157 2067





If you are a UK taxpayer, then your contribution could be topped up by Inland Revenue by an additional 25% at no cost to you.  For your contribution to qualify, 

1. You must be a UK taxpayer

2. Your tax must equal or exceed the amount we claim (e.g., if you contribute £1,000, then we can claim for 25% x £1,000 = £250; you must have paid that much in tax to Inland Revenue)

3. You must declare your desire that we benefit in the Gift Aid Declaration (below)


Gift Aid Declaration

Registered Charity No: 1071929


Download the Gift Aid Declaration form below and e-mail with a completed form.

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